High Performance and Leadership Workshop

Tribe and Next Evolution Performance are honored to support you and your teams to be as productive and high performing as possible during these unusual times.

There are a wide range of approaches we can offer you to support your individualized needs, given each company is in a slightly different situation. You can select one of the key topics below or a combination of them.

Main Workshops 

* Leadership through uncertain times: 90-minute leadership workshop 

* Neural and mental elements of high performance: 60-minute webinar 

* The neuroscience of high-performance - Open workshop (multiple businesses) 

Additional Topics 

* Neuroplasticity - building neural pathways for maximum success 

* Leading your team to psychological safety 

* Working from home effectively - from productivity to success mindset, mental health and physical health 

* Isolation - the biggest mental health issue we will now face, who is more susceptible and how to overcome it 

* How to increase and sustain your immune system 

* Energy credits and how to keep them up 

Delivery Options and Pricing 

* Interactive workshop via zoom (90 minutes) with up to 12 people$2,200 

* Webinar via zoom (60 minutes) – presenter only speaking, questions/comments via comment box$3,150 

* Open workshop via zoom (half day) – multiple businesses: $1,250 pp 

* Half day interactive workshop$5,000 

* Full day interactive workshops: $7,500 

All prices exclude GST. 

About our partner, Alex Davids, Co-founder and Director at Next Evolution Performance

Next Evolution Performance helps you be your best, always. They combine psychology and neuroscience with wellbeing and business structures to support individuals reach their true peak performance.

Alex Davids holds a background in psychology, from the University of Colorado. She originally founded and ran a values-development business for corporate organizations, leveraging the internal and external impact of both personal and company values on sustainability.

She has spent 16 years business coaching SMEs and Corporates, (their businesses and their executives), primarily in the U.K, U.S, Canada, Australia and Dubai, recently relocating home to New Zealand.

Tribe have been partnering with Alex for the past year to enable us to bring our ‘guiding light’ (vision) and out behaviour’s (values) to light, and to truly embed them in our everyday lives. Alex has also been taking our leadership team through a series of workshops that have been great and our leaders are loving it.

To find out more about what Alex Davids could do for you please reach out to our Tribal Chief, Emma Scott on 021 61 71 80 or email for further information to emma@tribegroup.com.