Unbundled Recruitment Services

Sometimes the best solutions to your recruitment needs are not the full process but instead one piece, or two, or three, parts of the full process - and that is where we can help

At Tribe we have always enjoyed providing the end to end complete recruitment service to our clients, however we also understand that sometimes, you may not need the whole package. 

Whether you wish to support your internal recruitment team during volume recruitment, you’re inundated with advert responses, or maybe you purely wish to ensure that each candidate has a seamless and professional experience; we can take some of the pressure off.

Advert and full digital campaigns 

With the help of our Chief Storyteller we will work with you to create stand out content: a FULL digital campaign to showcase your brand and opportunities across LinkedIn, Seek, Trade Me, the Tribe website plus more. Pricing starts at $550.

Candidate communication   

Post advertising, we would design communications, in your tone, for acknowledgements, pre and post screening communications as if we are an extension of your internal team. Pricing at an hourly rate of $220.

CV screening 

Individually screen all email applications and communicate with candidates around expectations managing your brand in one consistent way. We would build a map for you with all relevant information so that you can select quickly and efficiently. Pricing starts from $50 per candidate.

Telephone screening 

We would work to mirror your current process or design a bespoke telephone interview tailored to the role or project.  We can then either present all relevant information and profiles back to you or present a shortlist to you. Pricing starts from $75 per phone screen and report.


Upon completion of telephone screens, we will select a long and/or shortlist based on the initial brief.  We would communicate with all candidates, shortlisted or to be declined with thorough feedback as to why they weren’t successful with your brand at the heart of our communications.  Pricing at an hourly rate of $220.


We want to connect with candidates the way they want to be communicated with.  We will conduct an in-depth behavioural based interview focusing on the competencies and values that you are looking for, either face to face or via Zoom. Our reports and profiles will reflect their suitability.  Pricing will be from $150 to $220 depending on level of the candidates.

Reference checking 

We will conduct and verify reference checks, again we can use your templates or create a tailored reference check depending on your needs. These can be Behaviour based ref checks just like the interviews for consistency.  Pricing starts from $75 to $250 depending on level of candidate.

Background checking 

Visa View, Qualifications Checks, Ministry of Justice Check, Driver Licence Checks and Credit Checks.   

Exit Interviews 

Whether an exit from your business is company or employee lead, it is important to ensure that not only they feel supported through the transition but it is also a great feedback opportunity and in this setting, employees are more likely to be candid and honest when this is conducted externally. Pricing starts from $220 per interview.

Volume discounts will apply to all unbundled services.  All prices exclude GST.   

Get in touch with Kelly!  

As each business is unique, your unbundled solution is likely to be also. 

Give Kelly Dillon a call on 0211471825 to discuss as there may be a selection of services that could benefit your business and we can quote your pricing accordingly.  Alternatively you can email Kelly with any questions or requests to kelly@tribegroup.com.