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We look for high performers who want to be the best version of themselves at home and work. If you feel your head nodding in agreement to these traits, then maybe it's time we talk.

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We are so lucky with the people we have at Tribe – we share a guiding light (our mission) and a set of behaviours (values/our tikanga) we all contributed to through a cultural journey we went on together. We look for high performers who want to be the best version of themselves at home and work. So grab a cup of tea and read on to hear more about us…and if you feel your head nodding in agreement to these traits, then maybe it's time we have a talk.

Do you want to be a thorn in the side of mediocrity? At Tribe, we're happy to sit outside of the industry. In fact here we actively look to other industries to learn from. 

We take pride in who we are and the work we do. We muck in to make a difference. We don’t wait to be asked, we just get cracking. Unstoppable. 

We don’t seek to be the biggest. Just the best. Quality and service experience drives everything round here. We actively work to be better in everything we do, every single day. We sweat the details. We do the dishes. We hold each other to account. We do what we say we’ll do.

We are interested and interesting.

We surround ourselves with the best people and we invest in them - the whole person (professional & personal development). We work to see our people fulfil their potential. We engage the best external partners. We provide an environment where people can shine.

We do what’s right by our clients (employers & candidates).

We act for the long term (not short term profit). We care about people. We follow through. We have the hard conversations. We never stop at the first hurdle, because we know that sometimes diamonds need different settings to shine. And we’ll do everything we can to find that setting.

Our fast growth has been planned and staged but we always continue to look for talent. If you would like to have a confidential chat about your next move then give us a call.


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Our Team Leads

James Brooke image

James Brooke

Tribal Chief, Co-Founder
+64 275 959 979

Jenny Jones image

Jenny Jones

Tribal Chief, Co-Founder
+64 275 719 300

Emma Scott image

Emma Scott

Tribal Chief
+64 21 617 180

Sam Page image

Sam Page

Head of TribeTech
+64 21 0845 7855

Cathi Thomson - CC/CS image

Cathi Thomson

Acting Head of Customer Service & Call Centre
+64 22 071 5840

Brad Gatehouse image

Brad Gatehouse

Head of Finance & Operations
+64 27 611 3638

Daniel Percival image

Daniel Percival

Lead Supply Chain, Procurement & Operations
+64 27 403 0801

Chelsi Clifton image

Chelsi Clifton

Head of Tribe Technology, Enablement & Experience
+64 21 996 927

Lidya Paljk image

Lidya Paljk

Head of Customer Service & Contact Centre (Maternity leave)
+64 22 618 8339

Cathi Thomson image

Cathi Thomson

Head of Business & Admin Support
+64 22 071 5840

David Hammond image

David Hammond

Head of Tribe Leadership Search
+64 27 444 6368

Cameron King image

Cameron King

Head of Sales & Marketing
+64 22 073 1320

Sarah White image

Sarah White

Head of Digital & Data
+64 27 505 3472

Sandy Gibbs image

Sandy Gibbs

Lead People, Culture & Capability
+64 27 583 7411

Kelly Dillon image

Kelly Dillon

Head of Contracting - All Disciplines
+64 21 147 1825