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As a proven senior executive or someone looking to break into a senior leadership role, you're already time poor, so moving through a search process can be time consuming. It’s therefore important that you are dealing with search consultants who understand your specific skill sets and can guide and coach you effectively in your search for a new role. 

All our search consultants are specialists in their particular area and will get to the heart of your capability quickly. They’ll know how best to represent you and will be proactive with you and our clients on areas for development, as well as the values you can bring to an organisation. 

Many of our search candidates already know us and have worked with us as either candidates moving through their careers or even as clients. Our relationship with you is important - we want to help you find a tribe you can thrive in and build an ongoing relationship that spans many years and many roles.                                                                  


We can also provide career coaching (see outplacement and career transition). Check out the search lead below that’s best for you and let’s work together to take your career forward.

Types of Roles

  • All Accounting and Finance Leadership roles
  • All Sales and Marketing Leadership roles
  • All Digital and Data Leadership roles
  • All Technology Leadership roles
  • All Customer Service and Call Centre Leadership roles
  • All Operational Leadership roles
  • All Supply Chain, Procurement, and Operations Leadership Roles
  • All People, Culture, and Capability Leadership roles (including Workplace Health and Safety)
  • All Regulatory Leadership roles
  • CEO’s
  • Executive and GM Level roles
  • Divisional Management roles

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Job Seeker Reviews

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sandy Gibbs as an executive search candidate and can highly recommend Sandy and Tribe. Sandy has an amazing ability to ask all the right questions to ensure that she has a deep understanding of, not only my skills and experience as a candidate but also, all the things that would be important to me personally in my next role. Sandy's style and empathy ensured that this process was not only thorough but very human and actually enjoyable! Following this Sandy and her team have been very proactive in identifying and bringing new opportunities to my attention. If you want to feel valued as a candidate then I highly recommend Sandy and the team."

Executive Candidate – GM People and Culture

"The team at Tribe were absolutely fantastic from the outset - open, personable and professional. You knew exactly where you were throughout the selection process, and at each point you were fully briefed and informed on what to expect next. I can't recommend them highly enough."

Mark - Head of Customer Acquisition

"Having just gone through an appointment process with Tribe I found them to be nothing but absolute professionals. Their style of engagement as a candidate was super supportive, friendly and enjoyable. They made the whole process really easy and comfortable. They were there when I needed them to help with any questions or concerns, but most of the time they just opened the door and allowed me to do my best. My introduction to the role was not a traditional one but Tribe were able to be flexible and adapted which was great, a sign of their total professionalism."

Ghanum - Chief Marketing Officer

"Tribe recruited me into my role as CMO at Online Republic, and it was a quality experience from end-to-end. The team are complete professionals. Having worked with recruiters over many years as both a candidate and a hiring manager, the process with Tribe was the most enjoyable recruitment experience I've had. 

Tribe did a standout job of building a genuine relationship with me and proactively communicating every step of the way. They've also made a considerable effort to keep in touch over many months now since my placement was completed. The team operates authentically and clearly with the intention of forming long-term repeat customer relationships."

Ali - Chief Marketing Officer

"When going for a role you have to be right for the organisation and equally they have to be right for you. It is a partnership that involves openness, honestly, and vulnerability. This is what I value with Tribe. They only want the best but they realise the best means both parties have to be invested. I loved the process with Tribe, regardless of being successful for the role or not, the process was encouraging and clear. I knew where I stood and coached on how I could, with my experience, add value in all the conversations I had. This followed with transparent feedback which allowed me to be the best I could be. Tribe are not transnational - Tribe is relational."

Bruce - CEO

"Thanks, Brad for managing a very successful process for me and linking me up with my next adventure."

Jamie - CEO

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