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“The relationship between a board and chief executive should be approached as a partnership in which each respects the other’s roles, responsibilities and prerogatives… Put bluntly, most governing boards could not operate without the services of a chief executive. When this relationship sours, both parties suffer” (Sport NZ).

Tribe is constantly reminded of the link between the success of organisations and the success of leadership - whether that be executive or governance. Aotearoa is a small country and our biggest resources are our people. People are what will keep a small nation in the Pacific competitive on a world-stage. Here at Tribe we understand that and are building a legacy of high-performing leaders in governance as well as executive.

As we move through the Post-COVID19 world the need for the right leadership competencies to guide us through and to thrive in an economically challenged world is a national priority. Some competencies are emerging more strongly such as empathy, agility and clarity of purpose. But equally as strongly is our country’s need to review and reset the key frameworks around successful Board and Chief Executive relationships and performance.

The retention of a good Chief Executive is one of the major risks faced by organisations in a world where there is strong competition for talent. The reality for your organisation is that you probably cannot remunerate the Chief Executive to the level of other organisations. How you retain them (as well as planning for their successor) becomes critical. This is where you may need external eyes over the framework for success around your Chief Executive and Board. The aim of this document is to outline what ‘good’ looks like.

A suite of the confidential services that Tribe is able to offer to our clients is:

  • The Chief Executive Performance Appraisal
  • Chief Executive KPIs development or review
  • Senior Executive mentoring and professional development
  • Chief Executive Performance Review & Professional Development Process and Timeline
  • Chief Executive Total Remuneration
  • Board Reviews
  • Board Competency Frameworks
  • Commissioning a Board Review
  • Pulse Checks and CCO Reviews
  • CCO Governance Structure Options
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