Executive Search

As a proven senior executive or someone looking to break into a senior leadership role, you're already time poor, so moving through a search process can be time consuming. It’s therefore important that you are dealing with search consultants who understand your specific skill sets and can guide and coach you effectively in your search for a new role. 

All our search consultants are specialists in their particular area and will get to the heart of your capability quickly. They’ll know how best to represent you and will be proactive with you and our clients on areas for development, as well as the values you can bring to an organisation. 

Many of our search candidates already know us and have worked with us as either candidates moving through their careers or even as clients. Our relationship with you is important - we want to help you find a tribe you can thrive in and build an ongoing relationship that spans many years and many roles.                                                                  


We can also provide career coaching (see outplacement and career transition). Check out the search lead below that’s best for you and let’s work together to take your career forward.

Types of Roles

  • All Accounting and Finance Leadership roles
  • All Sales and Marketing Leadership roles
  • All Digital and Data Leadership roles
  • All Technology Leadership roles
  • All Customer Service and Call Centre Leadership roles
  • All Operational Leadership roles
  • All Supply Chain, Procurement, and Operations Leadership Roles
  • All People, Culture, and Capability Leadership roles (including Workplace Health and Safety)
  • All Regulatory Leadership roles
  • CEO’s
  • Executive and GM Level roles
  • Divisional Management roles
  • Director Search

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Job Seeker Reviews

Helen - CPO, Les Mills International

"Really engaging session with Cam and David. They were curious, quizzed me, tried to understand me and my areas of interest. They also used their experience in opening my eyes to a couple of areas I hadn't considered before. Alongside this David has followed up already with some content. Appreciate it."

Paul - GM Strategic Transformation

"David is extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with for executive search. Very knowledgeable, personable and clearly knows his clients business well. Excellent business and would highly recommend."

Michelle Moffitt, General Manager

"Working with Cameron at Tribe was a pleasure.  He was always attentive, keeping me informed of the recruitment process, ensuring I was prepared for interviews and meetings, and always checking in after an interview to see how it went.  He was open and honest, which was comforting during a long recruitment process.  Thanks Cameron for all your help."

Lauren - General Manager

Lisa Burns - CEO, Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand

How Can We Help

James Brooke

Tribal Chief, Co-Founder

+64 275 959 979

David Hammond

Head of Tribe Leadership Search

+64 27 444 6368

Sandy Gibbs

Search Lead - People, Culture & Capability

+64 27 583 7411

Extensive networks that bring you substantial value

Brad Gatehouse

Executive Search Lead

+64 27 611 3638

Cameron King

Head of Sales & Marketing

+64 22 073 1320

Sarah White

Head of Digital & Data

+64 27 505 3472

Mia Mrsic

Administration Assistant



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