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Tribe Technology and Enablement

The foundations of data driven recruitment and technology enablement within Tribe were put in place quite some time ago, however this month saw a milestone for our business with the creation of our Technology & Enablement team within Tribe. With over 15 plus years in recruitment, we spoke to the new Head of Technology, Enablement & Experience Chelsi Clifton on the journey to the creation of this team and the importance of it within recruitment. 


Ok, what do you actually do?! Tell us about Tribe’s new technology & enablement division. 

My function has been created to unlock and enable our internal team to deliver seamlessly; drive efficiency and maximise our investments and ensure connectivity across our growing business. When you deal with Tribe as a client, a candidate or an employee, we want your experience to be first class and we’re responsible for ensuring the strategy, framework and ability to deliver, will exceed your expectations. We facilitate moments that matter!

It’s not often you have the opportunity to co-create a new role and function within a business and industry you’re super passionate about! I’ve been in recruitment for a long time. I started with Tribe when we were a team of three and now, we are a tight team of 35+. I cannot believe how much we’ve evolved and the growth we’ve been fortunate to experience over the last seven years.

Technology - it’s our key enabler, alongside our brilliant people

What are the benefits of investing in technology enablement within the recruitment industry?

Given my years in recruitment, I’ve heard many stories around experience gone bad and there is so much opportunity for our industry to improve our process, our communication and the overall experience. The key enablers to make this happen is our people and the right technology. Technology that frees our consultants up from the mundane admin tasks and allows them to focus on adding value and doing what they’re really good at.

The recruitment landscape is forever changing, and our tech stack continues to grow. Given the rapid growth we’ve been through at Tribe, and all the technology now at our fingertips, there is no excuse. We identified the need for dedicated resource to focus on this digital transformation, our data, best practice process and experience, prioritising our investments and owning our integrations and internal automations using AI and BI. We’re responsible for elevating our internal capability through training and development and we connect the dots to bring our talented team together cohesively. Inevitably, getting all these things right will impact our overall team performance and revenue and profitability growth and futureproof our business.

Without giving away any trade secrets, what is in store for the future of tech & enablement at Tribe?

We will maximise current and leverage new tech to ease the hiring process for all involved. We want to reboot, reimagine and innovate and be ahead of the game. Technology keeps us moving in a direction that constantly refines us for the better – it’s our key enabler, alongside our brilliant people.


Share a little about your passion behind this role.

I love the recruitment industry and I’ve always been passionate about providing the best possible service. Technology has certainly revolutionised the way we recruit – but we won’t lose the human touch. My function allows us combine all of these things and take us to the next phase of working smarter not harder and becoming more effective and efficient and unlocking our potential!

Let’s be honest, there are not many out there who have not had at least one bad experience with a recruitment agency. We’re committed and passionate about changing this.  We will continue to enhance our Tribe and create daylight between us and our competitors.


So share a virtual welcome to our newest edition to the Tribe team, Claire Neuberger & Chelsi Clifton are hungry for more, so come and set them a challenge! Get in touch here.



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