Read: Recruiting for the Role or the Business

“Who do you recruit? How do you pick? It’s the million dollar question. Well, many thousands definitely! 


We have frequent discussions with business partners regarding the deciding factors behind the recruitment of new people.  You may think it’s the ultimate outcome if you can find someone with the exact knowledge of the job in question – wrong!!  You can, if you wish, select based on this alone, however, over and over we see dire consequences when there is no fit between the organisation and the new recruit. Specialist skill capability absolutely needs considering, but think about what you can effect.  It takes significant man hours to manage the wrong recruit. If the development capability, attitude and enthusiasm are missing – it will be hard work, not only on you as a Manager, but it can cause strain on the team when you are not available for them Energy is then wasted in all the wrong areas.  Take time to consider what you, as an organisation, are best to teach someone?  Without question, this will always be the intricacies of the role, the business and the industryA smart recruit is one that focuses on the transferrable capability sets and the individual’s characteristics which best match and complement the existing team.  

It takes significant man hours to manage the wrong recruit.

Retention is another aspect often forgotten. Why recruit a candidate who ticks every box? Why do they need to be perfect in relation to their current knowledge set?  Do you consider where the candidate’s development needs lie?  A person who can do the exact job now, is a flight risk later, sask yourself “what is in it for this candidate” and “how long will we retain them”?  An easy fix will not create a solid, challenged and inspired team.  Is your recruitment focused on filling a gap now, or building potential for later? Do you want to do it all again in six to 12 months?  Many questions to ask yourself! 

Are you confident your management team execute the recruitment process effectively?  Recruiting a team member should never be just a “bum on a seat and in relation to spending budget it shouldn’t be “use it or lose it”!  All too often this is what we see happen. 

The cost of a wrong recruit can be high, with significant impact to the business.  Let us challenge your thinking! 

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