Read: Being a Boomerang

Laura Hislop - Tribe

When you are scrolling through someone’s LinkedIn experience, do you ever notice when someone has left a company, only to return to the same business again later in their career? Does it make you think ‘they must have thought the grass was greener elsewhere…’, or ‘they obviously couldn’t hack it in a new workspace and have gone back with their tail between their legs…’.

When I see that someone has reverted to their old stomping ground, I consider it in a much more positive light: ‘they must have left on really excellent terms’, or ‘that employer must have a GREAT culture!’.

In this market, retaining staff isn’t easy. It is so important to develop people in a way that either they want to stick around because they haven’t finished growing with you yet, or because the business has helped them to evolve into being ready for their next challenging opportunity or another new adventure.

When I left Tribe the first time (I’m now in my third role here!), I was transparent with our Chiefs about my plans (I was to travel to South America – back when it was easier to jump on a plane). While I acknowledge that giving 6 months warning isn’t always feasible, when it came to finishing up before my trip, there were no surprises. The second time I bid farewell, I wanted to try internal recruitment and backed myself to take a contract with the cognisance that if it wasn’t for me, I hadn’t taken a permanent role. (Hats off to internal recruiters, may I add!  I will never forget that hiring managers can and will approach you at your desk if they haven’t seen any CVs…).

Being in recruitment, I am likely a little de-sensitised to people moving jobs, however I still feel the immense excitement of what a new role will hold for someone and their growth. Ultimately, starting a new job is a huge life change, but change is exciting! What is also exciting, is coming back to a family you left that remained connected and kept a seat warm for you. I genuinely love my job here at Tribe and wish every person I come across to feel that they have #foundtheirtribe too.


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