Read: Where to next? A career in Customer Service could be calling your name!

Read: Where to next? A career in Customer Service could be calling your name! image

Okay, so you have finished University, you either have your ducks in a row and on your way to the career you had in mind from day one or you simply don't know where to start! If you are thinking you fall into the latter, fear not, you are not alone! I mean, are we really equipped to decide the correct career path at the age of eighteen (with thoughts of the Uni pub front of mind!)? 

All is not lost, some of the best career choices were born from this feeling. We spoke to our very own Sarah Fitzgerald, who was herself confronted with these decisions(of which we are very thankful lead her to a career here at Tribe).    


‘For many people finding the right career path is not easy. It wasn’t for me. 

I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts (double major in Film and Media, and Gender Studies) and then continued with Honours in Gender Studies. After completing my degree I was unsure on what to do next, what work would be best suited for me and who would even hire me.

I moved to Auckland to start my ‘working life’, however unlike most of my friends I did not secure a job in a graduate programme linked to my university degree.

I decided to sign up with a Recruitment Agency. I had never considered temping or even knew what a Recruitment Agency did. Within a week I got my first job working as an Inbound Customer Service Representative for Auckland Transport.

Contact Centres today have changed from when I worked in one in 2015 (which was not that long ago!) and the role as a Customer Service Representative is now seen as a key part of a business, especially due to the increasing focus of customer experience. Contact Centres are constantly evolving, and the role as a Customer Service Representative is so much more than just answering the phone (which is what 90% of people think!). Today the role of a Customer Service Representative has changed to working across E-Channels such as Web Chat and Chat Support. There is also a greater opportunity to work across multiple projects and we are seeing our clients bringing our temps in on business-critical projects. However, one of the biggest changes in Contact Centres is the increase in flexibility where clients are increasingly open to work from home options. 

There is no denying that working in a Contact Centre in a Customer Service role has an underlying stigma behind it however, the experience I had and the skills I gained such as patience, working to time frames, empathy, resilience and the appreciation of others, lead me to the career I am in today.

From my experience, going off the beaten track and being in a role which may be seen as unglamorous, definitely paid off. I now source top Customer Service talent for Contact Centres across New Zealand.

I would encourage those who are in similar positions to give working in a Contact Centre a go (or even signing up to a Recruitment Agency) because you never know where it may lead or what future opportunities could arise. The possibilities are endless!’


If there was a lump in your throat at the thought of what you will do after University, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Get in touch with Sarah at or any of the Customer Service team here at Tribe. 

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