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Should I stay or Should I go? – Leaving your job without having one to go to

Tribe Talks 25 Oct 2017

“250,000 people start a new role in New Zealand every three months and only 22% of them stay with the same company for more than 10 years.” The majority of these people will still stick to the traditional route and find a new job before leaving their old job but the reality is more and more people are leaving their job without having one to go to.

The kind of sales role that makes you go YASSS

Tribe Talks 19 Oct 2017

Have you ever thought about working in sales? I mean actually thought about it, before your thought process went – “I wonder if I’d be any good at sales… ah but isn’t sales all about reading from a script and cold calling?”

Make more money and start a long-term career in a contact center role

Tribe Talks 06 Oct 2017

When you’ve worked in retail for many years it may seem like you’ve limited your job options. But, what if we told you that doesn’t have to be true and that you have a whole lot of transferable skills that can be used to start a new, long-term career, working Monday – Friday hours and making way more money than you’ve earned before.

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