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Presenteeism and the cost to your business

Tribe Talks 19 Sep 2019

Presenteeism is when an employee is physically at work yet not productive. We’ve all seen it and experienced it. You’ve powered through the day on a half tank struggling to focus. Why we do it is often related to who we are and how we feel about our job. Whilst this dedication may be seen as exceptional organisational citizenship; the cost to business can be huge.

"The Headmistress" of Gen Z Alexia Hilbertidou speaks to Tribe about what makes Gen Z Gen Z

Tribe Talks 10 Sep 2019

From founding GirlBoss, to completing a mission with NASA, and being named the most influential New Zealand woman under 25 at the Westpac Women of Influence Awards. Alexia Hiberidou is an activist and entrepreneur who started Girl Boss when she was just 16. Here Alexia speaks to Tribe about what it's like to be a Gen Z and gives advice to employers who want to get the most out of this wave of young people entering the workforce. 

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