Outplacement & Career Transition

When an organisation is forced to restructure and disband roles – no matter what the reason, it can be a challenging time for everyone. How do you support your people? What does the next step look like for each person impacted? How do you represent your brand and business integrity by playing your part, in the best way possible? 

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When teams or individuals are faced with a change of employment, be it anticipated or completely unsuspected, it can cause stress and anxiety through a multitude of emotional levels. Knowing how to skills-assess is the first critical piece of the outplacement process - the building block to everything ahead for them. Skills assessment is the foundation to our workshop. 

As a pragmatic outplacement service, Tribe provides the tools to individuals to assist them through these confronting times, while managing positive change communication for your organisation. The purpose of our workshop is to build confidence. It helps individuals understand how to value the skills they have learned but more importantly, how to present them and talk about them. The overall objective is to assist with the full job search lifecycle - helping develop the techniques needed to identify a job, then apply, interview and secure that job successfully.

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Services Offered

  • Skills Assessment
  • Resume Development
  • Evidence based Interview Techniques
  • Search Tips and Techniques
  • Networking skills
  • Competency Interview practice
  • How to Navigate an Assessment Centre
  • Outplacement support
  • Career Transition
  • Identifying and Selecting Talent Effectively
  • Building Line Manager Behavioural interview capability
  • Removing Unconscious Bias in your recruitment practice

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Sandy Gibbs

Head of People, Culture & Capability

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