Measuring the impact of your CV

Measuring the impact of your CV

When it comes to drafting your CV, there is a tendency to overexplain without displaying tangible results. As Executive Search Lead David Hammond mentions below, he sees a lot of ‘words’ on CVs that don’t show any value or results behind them. We spoke to David about how you can display measurable results to clearly show that you have made an impact on the business. i.e., X moved to Y because of your input.


While David speaks to the executive market where seeing these tangible results as crucial to moving forward in the recruitment process, they still most certainly apply across all levels of employment.

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I see a lot of CVs that have a lot of words on them, but many of them don’t have enough measurement of the impact that people had in their jobs. I have to say to you that there is a real difference between people who measure the impact they had in their jobs, and those that don't, and my observation is that those CVs do better in the job application process.


So, what things should you measure?

I think there are probably about seven or eight things that you should weave through your CV and show validations and actual measurements for.


Complexity - the ability to spin a whole lot of plates

At any level, there is almost always an element of juggling more than one thing at once, however, that ability at an executive level and the results you can show off the back of being able to do this effectively, is key in making you stand out from the crowd. 


Be strategic but prioritize

Showcase your ability to hold a holistic view of the business, while also being able to read the market to strategize effectively. All the while working within the resource limitations that may befall the business.


The ability to have partnerships that are win-win for both parties

Your measurement of how you manage relationships both internally and externally can mean the success or failure of your time at an organisation. Try and display the results of being able to manage difficult situations where a successful outcome was present.


Execution - that might be time, it might be budget

It’s number crunch time! This is your time to display actual results that will catch the eye of future employers and recruiters.


The ability to communicate to any audience

Read the room. While IQ can get you to a certain point in your career, EQ will be the difference between sitting on the sidelines and coaching the game. Managing your emotions while also being able to articulate the emotions of those around you, is crucial. While numbers may not suffice here, provide examples of a situation where you achieved this and the IMPACT of that.


Meaningful partnerships

The ability to form meaningful partnerships to have acumen with your board, and to have cultural acumen as well


Those are the types of things that I am looking for that show high performance, and I'm really looking for the measurement and the validation of that type of impact.

If you can do that, it is so much better than most people I'm seeing coming forward with executive CVs.

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With over 20 years experience in executive recruitment David Hammond, provides more than just recruitment support. Take a look at the additional services that can support you or your business through the next phase. 


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