Why Us

There are many reasons “why us” but we’ve honed in on a few. If these resonate, give us a chance to tell you more.  

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Entrepreneurial, passionate, NZ-owned business

Tribes are proud of their history and heritage. We are a passionate New Zealand-owned organisation, proud of our country and what we stand for. We are highly entrepreneurial and our co-founders have always been regarded as thought leaders in our industry. 

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Culture First

Tribes that thrive will stick together, play together, build rituals, symbols and traditions together. We are a culture-first, culture-led organisation. We put this at the forefront of all our recruitment methodologies. We get close to the heartbeat and pulse of your organisation. We observe it, we ask lots of questions, we get under the hood. We find ways to understand what makes your organisation's heartbeat pump. We believe if we can truly understand what your culture is, we’ll help you build a tribe that thrives, not just survives.  

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Compelling and Engaging Employment Brand Stories

Tribes communicate through storytelling. We love to do this too. We believe in proactively taking employment brand stories to market through strong, engaging and authentic content. Our objectivity gives these messages credibility. We love to listen, so talk to us about your story and let us find a way to reach the talent you need. Take a look at our Employment Brand Support content.

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Audience Engagement

We are the number one followed agency of our size (under 50 staff) in Aotearoa and our content has 10x the average engagement of other agencies (source - LinkedIn).

With Tribe LinkedIn followers and consultant LinkedIn networks we reach hundreds of thousands of first degree connections.

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Technology Enabled Global Research

Tribes that thrive are wise and knowledgeable. So we set ourselves a goal to be more knowledgeable than any other tribe in our market. Our Research and Knowledge Team are technology-enabled, through search algorithms and complex search strategies and syntax (boolean, natural language, semantic). They are insights driven, with a passion for digging deep and identifying passive talent, returning Kiwis and talented offshore candidates who want to call Aotearoa home. They are hungry for more, so come and set them a challenge.

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Strengthening Accessibility Culture

At Tribe, we are thought leaders in accessibility and we bring this added value lens to all the clients we work with. We help strengthen the accessibility culture in your tribe and that's simply good for everyone.

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Eight Specialist, Engaged, Expert Teams

Eight specialist teams working across all disciplines within an organisation, each led by an industry leader in their field. All teams are knowledgeable, engaged, experienced and credible. We aim to put daylight between us and our competitors through service – so put us to the test.   

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Regional Capability

New Zealand regions contribute significantly to our economy. We’ve developed our capability, knowledge and candidate reach to ensure we can service our client talent needs anywhere in Aotearoa. We get to travel to great places and meet outstanding people.





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