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Why I love being a Temp

At Tribe, we love our temps and we want to celebrate how awesome they are. One of our temps of the month Joanna is the Marketing Assistant at Laminex, we caught up with her to get her thoughts on temping.

What do you love about being a temp?

You get to try your hand at different roles and learn more about different companies and industries without having to make a long-term commitment. It’s also a great way to make new contacts and meet new friends.

What are the downsides to temping?

The fact that it’s temporary so there is the worry of finding the next job. Also, sometimes people don't always treat a temp with the professionalism or respect they would show a team member, which is not always pleasant.

What opportunities does temping offer?  

I want to change my career and move forward on a new path, through temping I can work in a variety of roles in different fields to see what my interests and strengths are.  As a temp, you’re able to prove yourself to the company, which could lead to permanent work in the future.

"You’re able to prove yourself to the company, which could lead to permanent work in the future."
Describe a typical day for you at Laminex…

In my current role, no two days are the same. I support all the team members, own a variety of projects, complete any jobs and tasks that need to be done to keep things running smoothly.

Every day always starts with an email check, then I will check the media schedule to make sure I am on track with advertising creation and submissions. The rest of the day is full of all sorts of activities from creating and sending EDMs, working on advertising, sourcing imagery, writing briefs, getting quotes, and researching processes.

What qualities do you think make a good temp?

Versatility, an ability to handle pressure and stress, common sense (knowing when to ask questions and not being afraid to do so), a sense of humour and the ability to maintain a professional attitude even when those around you may not.

What have you learned from temping so far?

That I enjoy marketing and I really like learning new things, it's exciting!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start temping?

Be versatile, understand that you could be going into a situation where there is a staff shortage, so things may not be running smoothly, and people may be stressed or overworked. Remember, that a temp is there to help them stay fluid and keep things running smoothly.


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