Read: Psychometric Assessments – a ‘fluffy’ cost or necessity when assessing talent?

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We talk to Tribe’s Resident Organisational Psychologist to get a better understanding of what psychometric assessments are, and do they actually add value for employers?

Psychometric assessments cover a wide range of things from ability tests of verbal, numerical and logical reasoning, to personality and motivational profiles, understanding of values and motives to skills tests and knowledge.

Insight & Objectivity?

Selecting the right person for your role can be a daunting task, and interviews alone may not always give you the data you need to make a confident, informed hiring decision. As candidate’s may only show you what they want you to see and hear, this is where psychometric assessments can provide another level of insight and objectivity.

Vital clues hidden in assessments…

Psychometric assessments are a useful addition to a selection process, not only confirming what you may observe in interviews, but also offer vital clues as to what to explore further in follow-up interviews and reference checks. They can not only be useful to help you decide to hire a person, but can also guide how you transition them into the role and your business, and what development may be required to get them performing at their best. 

What’s in it for the Candidate?

Tests, profiles and reports can also help candidates! Reports will provide a better understanding of themselves, their strengths and development areas, and they are objective.

Money Wasted?

Absolutely not – as long as the circumstances are right for testing. Don’t test for testings sake. Just as you might undertake a Building Inspection Report to see what lies beneath the exterior, testing is an extra layer of due diligence, that can prevent a hiring mistake or convince you to take a risk on someone special.

Tribe offers a full range of psychometric assessments, head to our for Psychometric Services & Assessments more information.


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