Read: Tatiana on Why She Loves Temping

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What excites me about being a Temp

Our temps are very important to our Tribe and we love sharing just how great they are. One of our temps of the month, Tatiana is doing an awesome job in her reception role and we couldn't be happier! We sat down with Tatiana to pick her brain about temping...

What excites you about temping?

What excited me the most about temping was gaining skills I know that will benefit my future. I have learnt so many things throughout the course of my stay here and I know there’s still more to learn. Also knowing that you’re contributing to the value of the company in such a positive way is a plus.

Describe a typical day for you?

First things first, I do my daily tasks. This usually ranges from sorting mail to answering emails. Once all that is done, I either get asked to take care of a few small tasks for some of the team here or I continue with what needs to be finished from the day before. From here, I could really be doing anything. Previously, I sorted out the sample room, which was a rewarding challenge!

"Knowing that you’re contributing to the value of the company in such a positive way is a plus!"
What qualities do you think makes a good temp?

Having a friendly personality will get you far, for sure! Putting yourself out there and using your initiative from time to time really sets you aside from the rest. I found that by focusing a little more on the smaller details can add to the bigger picture. Organizing a particular cabinet or making things easily available for staff is helpful in so many ways, even though they’re quite small tasks.

What have you learnt from temping so far?

The list goes on and on. I’ve learnt so many skills – even life skills, that I know I will keep with me after. Ultimately, the main skills I know I will need in life are people skills and working outside of my comfort zone has really amped up these skills. I am now confident in approaching a situation that requires absolute understanding and full participation.

What advice would you give to someone who is wanting to start temping?

To be confident in where you’ll be placed and know that the team at Tribe really do have your best interest in mind. I was nervous and a little intimidated at first as I have never worked in an admin/receptionist role before, however, I really embraced the opportunity and I’m absolutely loving it.


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