Read: Working Holiday Visa - Where to Next?

Finished your dream ski season - where to next?

So, you’re one of those backpackers – the ones who aren’t content with just seeing the world, you want to live and breathe like the locals. For many backpackers ‘doing’ a ski season offers the ultimate in travelling escapism and with places like Queenstown, Wanaka and Ohakune on offer - with their tight-knit bubble of dreamy scenery and bustling bars - it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to New Zealand. But when the ski season ends and the snow starts to melt, you may find yourself questioning, where next?

Auckland, with its warmer climate and plentiful job market, is a great stop on your travelling way to make some money and meet some people.  Hospitality, retail and trade jobs are popular backpacker options, but have you thought about temping? Temping is a great way to start working immediately, benefit from a higher hourly rate and work the dream 9-5 hours.

Why temp in Auckland?

Auckland isn't Queen Street

Auckland doesn’t always get the best rep when it comes to travellers. And if you land in the CBD on Queen Street then you can totally see why. But it’s the cool bars in Ponsonby, the shisha and karaoke on K road and the North Shore beaches that will give you a real taste of what it’s like to live here.

Day trips 

One of the best things about Auckland are the day trips. You can jump in a car and drive less than an hour and see the most incredible scenery. From the black sand beaches of Piha, to the crashing waterfall at Kite Kite falls and farmers market at Matakana, there is so much to explore. The Epic Little Adventures website is a great source of inspo if you’re ever stuck for somewhere to explore in Auckland:

Get paid more

Minimum wage in New Zealand is $18.80 per hour which doesn’t make it easy to save for your travels, but if you decide to go down the temp route you can earn anywhere from $20 - $24 per hour. As well as getting your hourly wage, you’ll also get holiday pay. Some agencies will pay as you go, but other agencies like Tribe will pay in a lump sum when you’ve finished your assignment – so you’ll be saving without even trying to save!

Meet new people 

You’ll naturally build your own network after trying a few hostels and settling in one long term, or getting your own place through TradeMe or Facebook groups like Flatmates wanted – Auckland, but over time you’ll want to meet more people. Temping is an awesome way to get out there and make new friends. While some businesses recruit temps in waves, which means you could end up working with like-minded backpackers, other businesses have all Kiwi teams, giving you an authentic look into what New Zealand life is really like.

Work experience

If you’re on a working holiday visa, chances are you’ll be going home to get a ‘proper’ job at some point. Getting experience working in an office environment, multitasking and managing relationships will give you a strong foundation for when you finally make it home. Having admin or reception experience is relevant to a whole host of roles and can be a great segway to your ideal company and position.  

When you do make the decision to temp, be flexible about the what you’re looking for so you won’t have to wait long for a role. Being upfront about your plans means your agency will be able to find roles that work to your timeframes and you won’t need to worry about letting anyone down.

We have an amazing temp team at Tribe, with ready to go roles in reception, admin and customer service, on short term and longer-term contracts. We love working with fun and motivated backpackers on working holiday visas (we even have a few on our team!) so get in touch by registering with Tribe today.


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