Temping - Q&A with two Tribe Temps

Ever been a temp or considered giving it a go? For many, looking for a new role means strictly ‘permanent’. Temping is a great way to gain and learn new skills and be exposed to a range of opportunities and businesses which you may not have considered or heard of before. Temping can also offer:

  • A foot into employment
  • It can fill the gaps in your CV
  • Flexibility around lifestyle
  • Expanding your network
  • Regular income
  • A variety of durations (e.g. one day to six month assignments)
  • Personal growth and development
  • Potentially leading into something permanent.

At Tribe we recruit temps at any level across many industries. I spoke to two Tribe temps who shared their experience.

How did you hear about temping? Did you know much about it before becoming a Tribe Temp?

Temp one: “I had heard about temping from a friend of mine, but prior to becoming a Tribe Temp I didn't know much about the process of temping.”

Temp two: “I heard about temping last year when I started work with Revolution Fibres, which was my first temp job in New Zealand.”

What have you enjoyed about temping?

Temp one: “First and foremost I know I have a strong Tribe team who is supporting me. It was easy to communicate with them, I’m thankful for all your support for my first temping job.”

Temp two: “I have enjoyed getting the opportunity to explore different kinds of job roles and the flexibility of timing. Plus, the weekly pay.”

What do you think are the benefits of temping?

Temp one: “I am able to gain new knowledge and insight working for different companies.”

Temp two: 

  • It gives you the freedom to explore different job roles and get the unique benefit of learning/acquiring new skills.
  • It gives one the opportunity to try out a variety of job roles giving one the chance to ascertain one’s own strengths and capabilities. For many it could help discover what work one enjoys more in comparison.
  • It allows for flexibility of how many hours one wishes to work or take time off if need be.
  • Weekly pay is very beneficial

How have you found the process of weekly timesheets and taking time off?

Temp one: “It was a simple process and the timesheets were easy to fill out.”

Temp two: “Weekly timesheets have been very useful to track number of hours one has worked and wonderful to be paid weekly. Very organised.”

How has your experience been fitting in with your team as a temp?

Temp one: “Very good. They treated me well and supported me throughout my journey as temp.”

Temp two: “The experience has been wonderful, both with Tribe team as well as the company team I am temping with. Tribe has been extremely supportive by keeping in touch regularly through texts and calls. Truly appreciate Tribe’s proactive approach in checking in on one’s progress and in case one needed any help. True to its name, Tribe has always looked out for me as one of their ‘own’.

The company too has played a positive role in welcoming one on board and supporting the transition through requisite training. I have been made to feel like one of the “tribe” from day one.”

Would you temp again in the future and would you recommend temping? If so, why??

Temp one: “Yes, my experience as a temp was great and I will definitely recommend it to friends and family.”

Temp two: “Subject to circumstances and need of the hour, I surely would. Especially with Tribe. I would highly recommend temping. Especially to my friends who are still finding their feet and to the ones who may be in need of good work opportunities because I have experienced the benefits of temping first-hand. A big plus has been having regular/continuous work through Tribe.”

If you are looking for a new role or unsure on what to do next, give temping a go! Get in touch with our Temp Team at Tribe. 


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