Watch: How to prepare for an interview

Fantastic! You’ve gotten yourself an interview  - well done! Now it’s time to prep. Make sure you do your research to ensure you present yourself in your best light and it’s the right role/company for you. 

    • Know the location, time and dress code and ensure you are early and dressed appropriately 
      • Ask your recruiter the dress code, they can help give you a steer
    • Research the company thoroughly and ask your networks what they know
    • Read the position description (PD) in detail and ensure you think about your relevant experience (and examples) that shows how you fit the brief 
      • If you are going through a recruiter, ask for their thoughts/key outtakes from the brief they had with the hiring manager
      • You should be able to comfortably talk through your CV, make sure you have well thought out examples to show your proven experience and skill set to meet the PD
  • Know the names and positions held of the people you are meeting and the style of the interview 

    • If you are going through a recruiter, you can ask about the personalities of the people you are meeting and the format of the interview to help you prep 
      •  For example, is the person direct, is the first interview a coffee catch up or is it a panel formal competency-based or behavioural questions interview?


  • Be yourself, but remain professional at all times – you can have further interviews with the team to find out more about the ins and outs of the role and the culture down the track

    • The first interview is your chance to really make a mark and show why you are the right candidate in terms of your skill set, relevant experience and fit within the team and the organisation
    • Be prepared for some tough questions, practice ahead of time, be aware you can’t be perfect at everything, so it’s good to show learnings and developments you made in difficult times. Make sure you talk about yourself and your accomplishments, of course you have worked as a team, but people are keen to hear about your input/impact so a few more “I” rather than “we”. Read here for more 
  • Be aware of your body language. Be prepared for Zoom interviews (don’t stare at yourself!). Being a little nervous isn’t a bad thing as it can give you a little adrenaline to stay alert, just be aware that you aren’t nervously tapping your foot. Make sure you maintain eye contact and if there’s more than one person, ensure you are communicating with the entire group

  • Make sure you have questions about the role and the company to ask as this will be expected and shows your thinking/planning process and enthusiasm for the role

  • Remember interviews are a two-way street – it’s an opportunity for you to find out whether the role/team/organisation is the right fit for you as well, however take the lead from the interviewer

  • I think it’s always good to give positive feedback if you have enjoyed the interview and say that you are certainly interested in the role. Thank the interviewees for their time at the end of the interview 

  • It’s also nice to send a follow-up message if appropriate to thank the interviewers for their time 

  • Also be aware you might be asked to do a Ministry of Justice and drug test. Plus, companies often ask for psychometric testing to know more about you – if you know the testing is coming up, do some practice tests.

  • Good luck!


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