Navigating Perimenopause: A Professional Woman's Personal Journey

In my role as a recruiter, I've dedicated myself to helping individuals navigate their career journeys, supporting them as they seek new challenges and opportunities. It's a rewarding profession that allows me to guide people through the ups and downs of the job market. But recently, I found myself on the other side of the table, seeking a new career challenge of my own. Despite being well-versed in helping others through this process, I faced some unique challenges due to perimenopause, which I'd like to share with you today.

Perimenopause is a time marked by hormonal changes that can result in various physical and emotional symptoms. While my job involves supporting others in their career journeys, experiencing perimenopause myself shed light on the hurdles women face during this phase, especially when embarking on a new career move.

Here are some of the challenges I encountered due to perimenopause:

 1. Brain Fog

I remember sitting in the interview room, trying to provide specific examples to demonstrate that I was the best fit for the job, but my brain wasn't always as sharp as it used to be, making it challenging to recall the right examples when put on the spot.

 2. Hot Flushes

I experienced a hot flush during an interview, which added to the pressure and discomfort. Feeling flushed and overheated while trying to make a strong impression was certainly challenging.

 3. Skin Breakouts and Weight Fluctuation:

Dealing with skin breakouts and weight fluctuation due to hormonal changes during perimenopause is like a trip back to my teenage years (parts of those years were not fun for me). These breakouts can have significant impacts on my self-esteem, making it tough to put my best foot forward and to project confidence during interviews.

 4. Anxiety

Yes, I struggle with anxiety. I have found that my anxiety levels have been heightened during perimenopause, particularly in the pre-interview phase. The increased nervousness only added to the overall stress of the interview process. Along with the self-doubt after, when I worried that I might not be successful if I do accept the opportunity.

 5. Fatigue

The fatigue that sometimes accompanies my personal perimenopausal symptoms created by imbalances that affected my energy levels. Interviewing required a lot of energy, and feeling tired made the process even more challenging. Anyone who knows me, knows I am usually full of energy (some might say too much energy!!).

As a recruiter, my experiences have made me more empathetic to the challenges individuals face during their job search. I believe in openness and understanding, and I'm committed to finding ways to help candidates navigate the process successfully. By sharing my personal challenges, I hope to create a safe space where you feel comfortable opening up about your own struggles, and where we can work together to overcome these challenges. 


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