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Cam and Fitzy - Tribe
The concept of hiring a contractor can be daunting - let's change that. 
"Why would my business hire a contractor?"

Your business could be going through an organisational change, system implementation, or transformation project. You need cover for someone going on paternity leave or a current full-time employee wants to go part-time and you want to create a job share opportunity in order to retain them. You might have a specific piece of work and need a subject matter expert for a short time or cover for an internal staff member whilst on secondment. Recruitment freeze or headcount constraints.  

Another opportunity is for startups or businesses experiencing growth. Hire an experienced contractor to scope or set up a role then recruit a permanent employee with clarity. The most common reason for our clients hiring contractors is to provide short term support whilst going through the recruitment process following the resignation of a permanent staff member.   

Why wouldn’t you should be the question, but if you haven’t hired a contractor before this will hopefully get you thinking. 


"What types of contractors are out there? "

The last 2 weeks we talked about the different employment types and reasons why organisations hire contractors. The types of contractors are not that different.  

  • Career contractors, typically subject matter experts or strong generalists in their field  
  • Candidates returning home, wanting to explore the market  
  • Executives between roles  
  • Short term visa holders  


"Would having a contractor affect my team’s culture?"

The landscape of contracting has changed significantly over the last few years.  Although contractors are brought in to complete a specific project or piece of work both contractors and organisations acknowledge the value they bring and therefore most make an active effort to work as one. It’s important for leaders to communicate effectively to internal team members and have a clear common goal in mind. Collaboration is the key to success!  

"Is it more expensive to hire a contractor?"

Contractors like any leasing service come with what seems like a premium but they are typically engaged to support with short-term cover, a project or for their specialist skillset.  Contractors also cover their own, KiwiSaver, ACC, annual leave and sick pay, something the organisation does not have to factor into their cost.  

Or is this simply the way forward?  

If you have any questions, want to register as a Tribe contractor or hire a contractor please get in touch: 


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