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The most significant factor in determining an employees ability to focus is their physical environment says a recent study by the world’s leading design company Gensler. 

As we are at work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, the way our office looks is actually really important. Creating a space that your employees look forward to working in will enhance their productivity. In fact, the Global Workforce Study states by creating a more employee-friendly space you will enhance productivity by 20%

Science tells us that making simple changes to your work environment will make your employees happier and healthier in the long run. 

So, what can you do to create a more productive office? 

Be at One With Nature

As human beings, it's only natural to crave access to the natural world. If you're flat out at work and don’t have a spare moment to venture outside then adding plants to your workspace can make all the difference. Giving your office a burst of life has been shown to reduce tension and anxiety by 37% and increase productivity by 15%.

Start with a couple of indoor plants that are easy to maintain like ferns, palms or ivy or another great option is to call in the experts and rent your plants from Rentokil Initial New Zealand like we do at Tribe. 

Open Space, Open Mind

Escaping to a different space will give you a new piece of mind and will help you to remain focused on the task at hand while finding new inspiration.

People work and generate ideas in different ways. A productive office is all about flexibility, so remember that one size doesn’t fit all. By providing your employees with a range of spaces, from a kitchen, meeting rooms, breakout spaces and even a lounge area – you’re enabling them to think and work freely.

Ray of Sunshine 

Employees working in natural light have higher levels of energy than those working under artificial light– so, open your blinds and welcome in the sunshine.

You will be getting your daily source of Vitamin D, which will help maintain the health of your bones and teeth while supporting your immune system, nervous system and brain. Research shows the amount of sunlight you receive during the day could affect your sleeping pattern and impact your mental well-being. 

A Splash of Colour 

Colours affect mental performance and depending on the colour our emotions and behaviours can change. We are surrounded by a variety of colours on a daily basis and we may not realise it but each impacts the way we think and feel, so before re-decorating think carefully about the colours you choose.  Using colours like yellow and blue in moderation has been shown to help with well-being and confidence and inspire creativity while red is distracting 

While colour is great for expression, make sure to be mindful in the way you use it. Your environment should express your brand and values. For us that means blocks of yellow and blue in amongst our tribal symbols, but what does it mean to you? 

Remember to take pride in your office and design it with your extended tribe in mind. Taking the time to reflect on your environment and understand how it makes you feel and therefore how it makes your employees feel is a worthwhile expense. As long as your employees are comfortable and happy in their work environment, then their productivity will follow. 



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