Read: On Boarding While Working Remotely

How do you tackle onboarding while working from home? Some of the Tribe team share their experience and advice on welcoming a new team member.


Tribe’s Customer Service and Contact Centre lead, Lidya Paljk, talks about her simple approach to welcoming someone new. 


Georgia Irvine started with us in the second week of Level 4 in April. I hadn't inducted a new starter remotely before, so I was a touch nervous about how it was going to go. I aimed to keep it simple with the goal of connecting and making her feel as welcome as possible.

To make Georgia’s experience as seamless as possible, we created a structure for her days and set goals for the week so we were both clear on her focus. I also made sure we did the below activities, which would usually happen if we were in the office:

-     Daily morning team meetings, with walking meetings on a Friday

-     I loved starting our Friday meetings by asking what had gone well this week, what did people find most challenging and what we were grateful for. This broke the ice and as a team, we took the opportunity to be vulnerable

-     Scheduling in 1:1 catch ups with Georgia a couple of times a week, where the conversation was focussed less on work and more about getting to know one another

-     Making a conscious effort to connect


My advice to anyone inducting a new starter remotely is to keep it simple and put an emphasis on getting to know your new teammate. During this time, it’s more important than ever to connect, get them engaged in your story and journey, and get them involved in projects so they feel like they're adding value to the team quickly.



Tribe’s Digital, Data and Tech lead, Sarah White, asked her candidate Danielle Zinzan to share her experience of starting a new job during lockdown. 


Inducting into a new role and new business during lockdown is by far the strangest experience I have had and one I will never forget. When you join a business, the first few days are usually a series of coffee catch ups and tours of sites but none of this was possible. I had to be braver than usual, more confident to make calls, speak up on phone calls with people I had never met and trust my skills and abilities. In a busy role, once the VC or phone call ends, you are on your own to figure it out and find your way, but from the safety of your own home and with no one looking over your shoulder, it gives you a safe space to give it a go.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience. I have learnt a lot about myself in the process and built a wide network of people by picking up the phone and spending dedicated time with them on a call versus a short hallway meet and greet.


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