Read: Your Journey Home - Greg Rowdon's Story

Greg Rowdon is returning home from the grape-growing region of Mildura in Victoria, Australia after three years away. Greg, his wife and family will be moving to Marlborough post-quarantine, where he will take up the viticulture and winery general manager role at Yealands Wine Group. 

What are your main reasons for coming home? 

Primarily work, although proximity to family was also a contributing factor.

How did you start your job search? 

I already had the relevant search criteria set up on the Seek app, where I received daily notifications as roles were being posted.

What was the most difficult part of the job search, given you were based overseas? 

Zoom interviews, which, while functional, are not overly conducive for reading the tone of an interview.

How did you find the New Zealand market, and how responsive were companies or agencies? 

The New Zealand market appears to be quite buoyant; both companies and agencies were very proactive with the recruitment process.

How long did it take to secure a role? 

From the point of submitting my application, it was exactly one month before I was offered the role.

Looking back, anything you would have done differently and why? 

To be honest, no, I found the entire process to be extremely well managed. I was kept up-to-date, and everything I was told both by the agency and company transpired to the word. I must mention the excellent process management by Tribe; they were outstanding throughout.  

Any advice you would give to others thinking about a return home? 

I would recommend engaging a recruitment agency. From an applicant perspective, this was my first experience with a recruitment agency and it was a much more efficient and professional process with their involvement.

What are you most looking forward to about coming home? 

As per our main reasons for coming home, I am really looking forward to re-joining the local wine industry and also living in New Zealand again.


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