What we are known for...

Connected globally

Giving you access to the best candidates around the world and in New Zealand – including the best of Returning Kiwi’s.Whatever their motivations to return, we are constantly interacting with this community via on-going research and digital channels. Kiwis overseas often network with other Kiwis, so those we know bring others to the network.  

Fostering Equity

As well as ensuring you have full candidate coverage in all the usual places, we’ll challenge you to look more deeply into the marketplace, providing access to areas of the market you might not have considered. Full risk mitigation.

Award Winning EVP

Strong research and pro-active outreach is necessary for passive candidates. However, digital and social channels complement this approach. We articulate the value propositions around your roles clearly (with or without disclosing the organisation), getting messages in front of those who may be thinking about their career pathways.

Market leading technology

A dedicated team building best-in-class technology used for market mapping and analysis that support results in high retention rates and research plans that are implemented both in NZ and globally.

Community Reach

Dive into communities others don’t reach, high touch, ongoing engagement, desire to create the best possible candidate experience (measured, NPS)

Te Ao Māori capability

Tau Mai is a direct response to the need to focus on Māori and Pasifika recruitment, addressing issues of equity and access in the labour market. Including a number of long standing partnerships supporting DEIB.

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