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How to find a job after graduating in Accounting or Finance

Graduating from university with a degree in Accounting or Finance is a huge achievement and you’ve no doubt been told how many doors it will open. What felt like the big task of completing your degree can often be out trumped by the daunting prospect of figuring out what’s next.

There isn’t a clear path to getting where you want to be, but having a little patience and being open to diverse opportunities is a good start. Taking a holistic approach to your job search and putting yourself out there in lots of different ways means you will get you there in the end.

Here are some tips to get you on your way…

Make the most of your university career service

Reach out to your university for free support. The accounting and finance industries are competitive, so give yourself the best chance by asking for feedback on your CV, practicing your interview technique and getting guidance on the direction of your career. The university may be able to introduce you to relevant people in the industry or know of local companies that usually take on graduates.

Remember!! You don’t need to speak to a formal career advisor to get advice – get your family and friends to have a read through your applications and give constructive feedback on your CV.

Take up an internship

With a lot of intelligent graduates out there, having work experience to talk about will give you a point of difference. Completing an internship allows you to test the water and figure out what career path you want to go down. Internships often lead to other opportunities so work as hard as you can and speak to as many people as possible.

If you do decide to contact companies about an internship or full-time role, always do your research. Start by finding out who you need to talk to (usually it will be the Recruitment Manager, HR or Finance Manager) then look on their website or LinkedIn to see what their name is. Know the market, know the company and be open minded about how you would fit into the company.

Check out corporate career sites

Big corporate firms like Fonterra, Fletcher Building, ANZ, and IAG have dedicated career sites with information about current roles and opportunities for graduates. Sign up for job alerts, keep checking their websites and attend open days and events. These businesses are all geared up for grads, with structured training and development programs that will propel you in your career. And once you’ve proved yourself, opportunities will keep opening up, and you can navigate your path across the business.

Apply to an accountancy firm

A lot of firms take on bright graduates and support them as they gain their CA, CPA or CFA qualifications alongside full-time work. By training while you work, you won’t be lumped with a big master’s fee, and you’ll still get the qualifications you want. Working closely with the firm’s partners and getting involved with the complexities of real-life situations will give context to your studying and help you put your knowledge into action.

 When you set out on your job search after uni, getting started is the most difficult thing. You’re entering a very competitive marketplace that will challenge you, but don’t give up. Take a break, go for a walk or change tact if something isn’t working. Spending time tailoring your CV and cover letter for each opportunity, cross-referencing the key skills they are looking for with your application, will give you the best chance at standing out in the sea of candidates.


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