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It's official, Night Owls are more Intelligent and Creative

Tribe Talks 21 Feb 2018

Since the days of our ancestors and more recently, Benjamin Franklin's theory that “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”, late risers have been haunted by the idea that sleeping habits will hinder their future success. And while we’ve been trying to ‘better ourselves’ by conquering the early morning run to work and mastering our morning meditation, it turns out that all this good will may have been in vain.

Are your job ads attracting the wrong people?

Tribe Talks 07 Feb 2018

Recruitment inadvertently becomes a part of your role the older and wiser (or at least more senior) you get. There will always be those days when one of your team resigns and it’s down to you to find the next ‘superstar’ to fill their role. Hopefully you have the backing of a strong recruitment team (internally or externally) to navigate the recruitment mind-field because finding good people isn’t quite as straight forward as it sounds.

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