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Accessibility must be part of your Diversity & Inclusion conversation - Emma Scott, Tribe Chief

Tribe Talks 11 Jul 2019

Over the last year I guess we've embarked on a diversity and inclusion journey, not really knowing what we’d find out and learn. As you know, we became members of Diversity Works New Zealand, thinking that we’d start a process to help us and our partners attract diverse talent that felt included. But the reality is, what started as journey where we thought there would be a defined outcome, couldn’t have been more different from where it’s taken us.

Q&A Sudima Hotels: Why was it part of your business strategy to become Accessibility Tick members?

Tribe Talks 09 Jul 2019

New Zealanders with disabilities are 3 times less likely to be employed than their non-disabled peers according to Stats NZ. The Accessibility Tick was set up to help bridge the disability employment gap by providing support to businesses to create more accessible environments. Sudima Hotel are Accessiblity Tick members, and champions of the disabled community, we spoke to their Executive Director - Projects, Vedika Jhunjhnuwala, to hear why they made a conscious decision to become Accessibility Tick members.

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