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Q&A: From ASOS to Trilogy and now Archipro. Jo Bye, Chief Marketing Officer at ArchiPro, talks to Tribe about her career journey

Tribe Talks 31 May 2019

Navigating your career in an ever-changing world where tech and data have become part of the everyday can seem daunting. 

So, to start to piece things together, we sat down with Jo Bye, Chief Marketing Officer at ArchiPro - a tech-start up who have been disrupting the architecture and building landscape since 2014 - to find out how to do it well. 

Q&A: How can apps transform a business?

Tribe Talks 31 May 2019

We are living our lives more and more through apps. They are literally everywhere – when we shop, read the news, pay for our park, apply for a job. They’re even there to help us chill out and meditate.
Bruce Howe, CEO at Putti - a web and mobile solution company – answers some of our burning app questions in this Tribe Talks Q&A.

Q&A with CEO of Kordia. How do you stay ahead of the hackers?

Tribe Talks 28 May 2019

Cyber security is a very real threat of the modern world. We have all most likely been sent a “dodgy” link or know someone whose experienced a phishing attack. Cyber security is high on the agenda – and if it’s not, it should be.
This week we sat down with Scott Bartlett, Chief Executive at the Kordia Group, to find out more about cyber security and how to safeguard our businesses.

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