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Did you know St John have a Mental Heath First Aid course?

Tribe Video 15 Oct 2018

St Johns have launched one of the first publicly available Mental Health First Aid classes with the aim to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to recognise and respond to individuals experiencing mental health concerns. Our Tribal Chief Emma attended the course and speaks with Laura Risbrook about it’s value.

Part 1: Our Tribe Stress Expert Jo explains the science behind stress

Tribe Blog 09 Oct 2018

Our Tribe Temp Jo is currently studying and practicing psychotherapy and she will be returning to Ireland later this year to work in the field. Jo has experience in stress response and counselling training and facilitating mental health groups. This week, we sat down with Jo to understand why our stress levels in New Zealand are so high, and why in the last couple of years they have increased by an incredible 22.9% according to the 'Wellness in the Workplace 2017' report.

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