Is New Zealand calling you home?

If you’re thinking of returning home to New Zealand in the short/mid-term or are on your way, as one of New Zealand’s fasting growing recruitment agencies, Tribe will help you find the next step in your career, guide you on the current market, trends and jobs in New Zealand and provide helpful advice to ensure your transition home is as smooth as possible. 

If you’re looking for a permanent, contract or temp opportunity in New Zealand, our team at Tribe is ready to help! 

Trending Roles for Returning Kiwis

  • Digital and Data Roles
  • Technology Roles
  • Sales and Marketing Roles
  • Accounting and Finance Roles
  • Executive and GM Level Roles

How Can We Help

Daniel Percival

Head of Supply Chain, Procurement & Operations
+64 27 403 0801

Chelsi Clifton

Head of Tribe Technology, Enablement & Experience
+64 21 996 927

Lidya Paljk

Head of Customer Service & Contact Centre
+64 22 618 8339

Extensive networks that bring you substantial value

Cathi Thomson

Head of Business & Accounting Support
+64 22 071 5840

Cameron King

Head of Sales & Marketing
+64 22 073 1320

Sarah White

Head of Digital & Data
+64 27 505 3472

Sandy Gibbs

Search Lead - People, Culture & Capability
+64 27 583 7411

Kelly Dillon

Head of Construction, Transport & Infrastructure
+64 21 147 1825

Brad Gatehouse

Executive Search Lead
+64 27 611 3638

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