Brand: Part 3 - The Recruiter

Part one covered candidates, part two covered clients, and for the finale...a short and sharp piece about how a true recruitment partnership adds value to your brand. 

Recruitment partnerships: The magic formula to a winning combo!

I can tell you, hand on heart, that what I love most about this job is placing a great candidate in an awesome job with their dream company. Easy, right?

What makes a great candidate?

  • Acts with integrity, honesty and trust
  • Invested in the process and dedicated to the steps within
  • Someone whose career aspirations, drivers, motivators, strengths and weaknesses I’ve come to know

What makes a great client?

  • Acts with integrity, honesty and trust
  • Invested in the process and dedicated to the steps within
  • Truly knowing the culture and values of a business and team
  • A hiring manager’s leadership style and approach 

The beauty of this is a true partnership can happen in a matter of hours and develop over time.

I can also tell you, hand on heart, the hardest part of this job is ‘working in the dark’. What I mean here is trying to get a candidate excited about a role I only have the position description for. It might also be reporting to a manager I have never met because they are too busy, in a business I have never worked with. It’s extremely difficult and just doesn’t sit right.

Equally as hard is trying to present a shortlist of flaky clams*. If you have decided to engage with an agency as either a client or a candidate, take the time to do it right.  Seeing and treating your recruiter as an extension of your brand will do amazing things. 

Utilise me, let me deliver quality with passion!

*Flaky clam - a name I made up, but I like it! It means a person shut like a clam about their aspirations and motivations, while being flaky about answering calls. They could be in three different processes but don’t tell you and decide they want an extra $25k or are moving to Australia, just as you tell them they’ve got the job!

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