Read: Your Guide to Temping with Tribe


We’ve put together this guide to help you understand what it means to temp with us, so thanks for choosing Tribe and coming on this journey! 


Tribe is a recruitment agency or personnel consultancy which provides temporary staff to third parties, our clients, on short-term assignments of work. 

This means as a ‘temp’, Tribe is your employer, however, you will be working on site within our client’s business. 


When you’re registered with Tribe for temp work and we’ve ticked off all the paperwork, we keep in touch and let you know when relevant opportunities come up. 

If you have the suitable background and skills for an assignment, we will brief you with a description of the work, provide an indication of where the work will be, an indication of the hours and the wages. You will usually meet with the client for an interview, and if successful you could be starting as soon as the same or next day! 

It’s important to know there are many benefits to temping, but please understand assignments may be intermittent and we cannot guarantee any number of assignments, any amount of hours nor full-time, ongoing employment. 

WHY TEMP – the good stuff! 

OPPORTUNITIES: Gain experience through a variety of companies and roles, get your foot in the door and you never know where it will lead you. Many of our candidates find their permanent “tribe” through starting out as a temp. 

SKILLS: Continuously develop your expertise, increase your capabilities and become a highly sought-after candidate. Clients seek out adaptable candidates with a wide skill set who can hit the ground running to step into a gap or assist them on projects. 

FLEXIBILITY: Temping allows you the work-life balance you’re craving as you’ll have more freedom to choose where and when you work. Many of our clients also offer part-time roles or flexible hours. 

OUR TRIBE: Our temps are all a part of our extended Tribe! We have a relaxed, informative and stress-free recruitment process. We partner with organisations that provide great support and instantly make you feel part of the team. With easy online timesheets you’ll be paid weekly, and you have a support system whenever you need us! We’ll also keep you posted about our upcoming events and send useful tips to help you get ahead in your career. This is just the start! 

So, I’m in a temp role – now what? 


As a temp, Tribe pays your wages on a weekly basis into your bank account, according to the hours you worked during the week prior. We have an easy online system where you enter the hours worked and have it approved by your manager at the company you are working at. Tribe also takes care of PAYE tax, ACC levies and you’re also eligible for the Kiwisaver program as a temp. 


As you work, you accrue 8% of your gross wage as holiday pay, which you will be paid at the end of your assignment. If you want to book a day off, there is also the option to use any accrued holiday pay for this. On completion of six months continuous service, you are entitled to five days of sick leave for each ensuing 12-month period. 


If a public holiday falls during your assignment, you will be paid your usual hourly rate if this is a normal working day for you. 


If you wish to finish an assignment early, you must give 48 hours' notice if your assignment is less than two weeks and you must give five days' notice if your assignment is longer than two weeks. 


While you are working as a temp for us you are a valued member of our Tribe and we take your health and safety seriously. As the employer, we have responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to ensure that you are safe at all times. As a temp, you’re likely to be on our clients’ sites for most of your time. We try and visit all sites to ensure that we are comfortable with their health and safety practices to ensure your safety. 


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