Added 12 January 2023

Senior Frontend Developer

About the Company:  

Av global travel e-commerce business. We are an NZ success story that has grown from a feisty start-up venture to a global OTA and a thriving ASX200 listed company.  

About the Role:  

  • To research, analyse and evaluate system program requirements
  • Consult with management regarding the planning of the new system being developed
  • Review current available technologies, identifying technology limitations and deficiencies in existing system to ensure new system is based on a robust technology
  • To write and maintain programme code to meet system requirements as required to implement this system
  • Testing, debugging, optimising, diagnosing, and fixing to ensure the system performs according to the agreed specification
  • To modify and update the system where required in accordance with company demands
  • Complete and maintain technical documentation for end user and operational procedures
  • Provide guidance and expertise in reviewing company proposals for front end design & development
  • To contribute to the overall strategic direction of the company

About You:
  • Ability to work autonomously and in a cross functional agile team in sprints.
  • Able to modify or suggest improvements to the process where required to improve efficiency.
  • To demonstrate initiative to improve any systems being developed.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities in managing a team or mentoring other team members
  • Excellent people, decision making, and communication skills
  • Excellent people, time management and communication skills
  • Good decision making skills around Front End technical and UX related matters
  • Work closely with other Front end Devs, CTO, and UX team in a collaborative environment
  • To be able to make decisions.
  • At least 3 years of experience as front end developer.
  • ReactJS development skills and experience in a commercial environment is a must.
  • Working with APIs to develop applications utilising JS frameworks.
  • Extensive jQuery, JavaScript, HTML,CSS, Less or Sass, experience.
  • Self-motivated and passionate about technology and front end development.
  • Work closely with back end developers, testers and UX designers.
  • Able to convert UX design into code.
  • Experience with module bundlers like Webpack, Grunt and/or gulp.
  • Knowledge of  templating engines like twig, smarty, blade or Silverstripe templates will be an advantage.

Apply Now!

To find out more, please get in touch with Linda Thomson on 0271153644 for a confidential chat.

To apply for this vacancy you MUST be a New Zealand citizen, resident, or have already secured the right to work in New Zealand and therefore hold a valid visa.

At the appropriate stage we will request your references, we ask that you do not include them on your CV when applying. 

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