Our consultants have experience in helping a variety of businesses to find the right agile practitioner, whether the are in technology or not. From organisation-wide agile transformations to business-as-usual support for agile teams, our consultants are here to help.

We've supported some of NZ’s largest organisations from the beginning of their agile transformation and continue to work with them on an ongoing basis as their agile journey has matured. We have built a great understanding of the agile communitythe level of talent on the market and the type of person you need to be to adapt to an agile environment if you haven't been there before. 

Our relationships with some of NZ’s best agile talent and agile-orientated practitioners has led us to help build high-performing teams covering a wide remit of roles, from technology roles where agile environments have been around a long time, to organisations rolling out agile across areas beyond technology. Our resume includes working with the largest-ever organisational agile roll out globally 

Our experience in this area is now sought after. We’d love to talk with you about where agile is going in your business and make sure your future talent aligns with that vision.  

Types of Roles

  • Enterprise Agile Coach
  • Agile Coach
  • Senior Agile Practice Manager
  • Agile Consultant
  • Scrum Master Practice Lead
  • Product Owner
  • Chapter Lead
  • Tribe Lead

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Client Testimonials

Heather Polglase - HR Director, Spark image

“We have been partnering with Tribe for some time now to identify talented people who want to join our Spark Team. Tribe have consistently sought to understand the specific context of our business and what we have on offer – particularly evident as we worked through our Agile transformation. The team at Tribe take the time to authentically connect with the people they send our way and our leaders across a range of expertise domains. We have a good partnership foundation in place – we listen to each other and they deliver to our identified needs."

Heather Polglase - HR Director, Spark

Chris Tuohy - Agile Coach of Coaches, Spark image

“In my experience the Tribe team bring a unique blend of empathy, passion and expertise to the recruitment process which is both refreshing and rewarding. We’ve landed exactly the right candidates at the right time thanks to Tribes efforts and many months later they are continuing to flourish in their roles. Tribe are a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation recommending their services.”

Chris Tuohy - Agile Coach of Coaches, Spark

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