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Yellow Arrowhead  Research and technology play a critical role in Tribe’s “leave no stone unturned” candidate sourcing methodology.

With over 15 years’ Search experience, Chelsi is passionate about means and methods to identify and engage senior talent both in New Zealand and overseas. Chelsi has led Search processes both in New Zealand and Asia Pacific, prior to a stint with LinkedIn in Sydney, which honed her abilities to use technology to identify potential talent.
Yellow Arrowhead  Strong research capability will increase market coverage and reduce time to hire 

Our Knowledge & Research Team work alongside our consulting teams to add value by creating channels to the passive candidate market.  Research also complements the engaging and compelling content our Digital Marketer creates for our clients across their roles, projects or employment brands. The Research team will often also attend client briefings.

Yellow Arrowhead  Accessing offshore talent and returning Kiwis 

Research not only plays a key role in accessing passive talent but also in managing a pipeline of offshore talent – either Kiwis looking to return home or talent looking to make New Zealand home. This spans all skill sets and gives valuable visibility to offshore candidate markets for the opportunities we have here in New Zealand.
Yellow Arrowhead  Pro-active mapping 

In addition to job specific candidate sourcing, our Research Team proactively map talent scarce areas and highlight talent to our clients, based on future needs they have identified. They also keep the business abreast of market insights and research our clients and their macro-and micro-environments so your Tribe team can speak with authenticity. 

Yellow Arrowhead  Tools, business improvement & technology  

In addition to an extensively developed database, our Research Team take advantage of a number of advanced tools to identify candidates. Tribe’s insights-driven database utilises multiple API’s to continually access the best integration technologies. We also leverage LinkedIn extensively with specialist licences alongside additional research tools.

Tribe Group Team

Research Services Offered

  • Candidate Market Maps
  • Insights Driven Search
  • Market Intelligence
  • Offshore Candidate Talent
  • Returning Kiwi's
  • Passive Candidate Insights
  • Targeted Talent Pools
  • Technology Enabled Research

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