Business Support Temp of the Month

Business Support Temp of the Month

As a seasoned Tribe Temp we are delighted to announce Lea Bryant as August's Temp of the Month! Recently temping at Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand as an Accounts Assistant we spoke to the team there on how she went.

"Lea has been amazing and I’m sad that she is leaving us to travel. She has been such a great help to me over the last few months.  We so appreciate her knowledge and common sense.  Whatever I needed was never too much trouble for Lea. She would complete any task with amazing efficiency and was happy to help out wherever and whenever she could. I also appreciated her flexibility to work when we needed her to, even just hours here and there throughout the day. Any company that Lea in the future temps for will be very lucky to have her. I would have no hesitation in all at using Lea again if we ever needed a temp and she was available. She really is temp of the month…  We wish her all the very best" Manager at Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand


Lea was pretty exciting to hear that she was temp of the month too...!Lea Bryant

“I am extremely honoured to be Temp of Month for Tribe whom I’ve been working with since the beginning of 2022. I’ve been temping on and off since 2013 and find it so exciting and very rewarding. I was previously working with Karina Morelli through a different agency and found her wonderful to work with, so when she moved so did I. I can not speak highly enough about Tribe, from the very beginning they have been incredibly helpful in finding work that was a good fit for me and I hope for the companies I have worked for. They constantly had work lined up, when one contract finished, I could step straight into another.  This made it possible to make enough money for me to travel to see family in Andorra. Please if you’re considering temping, do it with Tribe, I’m thrilled with the way they work to make my experience as good as possible.” Lea Bryant, Tribe Temp 

We love hearing how temp work can work for you and the benefits you have gained. Reach out to our temp team here at Tribe, even if you just have some questions around how temping can work for you. Get in touch 



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