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We are sales and marketing recruitment experts and this skill set has been in our blood since our co-founders established their firsspecialist sales and marketing recruitment agency 25 years ago. Our Specialist Team are subject matter experts with particular connections across FMCG, consumer, retail, services (especially utilities, financial services, technology, SaaS and construction) and government sectors  

Recruiting across diverse businesses and industries from enterprise businesses, government organisations, to SMEs and startups, we apply our market knowledge and consulting skills to ensure you get the best possible hiring outcome. We invest in long-term partnerships and spend time understanding your organisations vision, structure, strategy and culture, so we can align our recruitment process and tell an authentic story to prospective talent.  

We are supported by Tribe’s Research and Knowledge Team who provide the data, insights and technology to ensure we are at the forefront of market trends. Our Digital Marketer will ensure that your job opportunity gets noticed, allowing us to combine compelling and engaging content with our own extensive networks and our research capability. That combination is a compelling value proposition that will help us forge a strong ongoing partnership.

Types of Roles

  • Business Development Manager
  • Territory Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Export Sales Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Relationship/Account Manager
  • Key Account Executive
  • Key Account Manager
  • National Account Manager
  • Business Manager
  • National Field Sales Manager
  • Sales Director
  • Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager
  • Acquisition Marketing Manager
  • Events & Sponsorship Manager
  • Fundraising Manager
  • Brand and Communications Director
  • Content Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Campaign Marketing Manager
  • Senior/Product Manager
  • Senior/Communications Manager
  • Senior/Customer Propositions & Experience Manager
  • Retail Marketing Manager
  • Shopper Marketing Manager
  • Senior/Marketing Manager
  • Head of Consumer/Business Marketing
  • Head of Product & Innovation
  • Marketing Director

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Client Testimonials

Watch: Julia Matthews - CEO, Two Islands  image

As a successful business with continuous growth, Julia Matthews needed the right support to sustain that growth, here is why she got in touch with Tribe.

Watch: Julia Matthews - CEO, Two Islands

Stuart Yorston General Manager New Zealand - Sealord Group Ltd  image

"Sealord have been working with the tribe team for the past few years and have filled a range of sales and marketing roles at various levels of seniority. I’ve found Cam to be a highly engaged business partner who is interested in our business, our people and culture when we’ve been recruiting and he strives to deliver us the best candidates for the job brief. What I like most about Jenny and the Tribe team, other than the recruitment process itself, is being able to call on their advice from a broader perspective from discussing the current employment market to potential future candidates to even some career advice for the team, the list could go on. They are genuine, straight talking and pragmatic. Ideal for partnering with."

Stuart Yorston General Manager New Zealand - Sealord Group Ltd

George Gordon - Commercial Director, Lewis Road Creamery  image

"The team at Tribe took the time upfront to really understand what we were after and to ensure we got the right candidates shortlisted from the get go. The entire recruitment process was very professional with great communication and feedback loops that secured us a really top quality candidate we are exceptionally pleased with."

George Gordon - Commercial Director, Lewis Road Creamery

Craig Langley - CEO, Mix Ltd image

"The Tribe team are our recruitment partner of choice because their absolute first priority has always been developing a deep understanding of our business model, our strategy, our values and our team. Jenny, Cam & Chelsi know what makes us tick as well as we do and as a result they consistently put forward the best possible candidates for our business and never simply candidates for the sake of filling a short list.  Strategic thinking, clear communication, cohesive teamwork and great outcomes are the hallmarks of any recruitment process with the Tribe team.  Their passion and commitment for our success makes them feel more like a trusted advisor within our team rather than a business partner and we are absolutely better together working with the team at Tribe."

Craig Langley - CEO, Mix Ltd

Bryan Dobson - Chief Marketing Officer, NZ Post image

"I have been working with Tribe for a number of years. Initially, they helped me to establish a new Sales & Marketing senior leadership team following an organisational restructure.  

Although working at NZ Post may not have immediately been at the top of potential candidates’ wish lists, the team at Tribe were able to articulate the opportunities these roles presented in order to secure a strong pool of candidates. In addition to understanding the specific skills and capabilities required, they were able to recruit to the desired team culture I was seeking to establish.  

The outcome is that we have established an extremely strong and collaborative leadership team with diverse and complementary skillsets. More than two years down the track that team is still together and delivering great results. 

We continue to use Tribe for external recruitment of key sales and marketing personnel."

Bryan Dobson - Chief Marketing Officer, NZ Post

Andy Hrstic - Managing Director, JUUL Labs NZ Ltd  image

"I've enjoyed a long-term relationship with Jenny and most recently with Cameron who have successfully recruited key senior sales and product marketing roles across the NZ organisation's I have led at Johnson & Johnson, Samsung Electronics and JUUL Labs.  Through the multiple roles filled over many years, the team has always looked to deeply understand the company strategy and business situation well beyond the role itself, which has seen some really strong candidates and organization fit. I've been impressed with the super responsive nature of the team from what have been some seriously demanding briefs, the frank and honest dialogue we have, and ultimately finding the right people. The team stays close from the brief right through to role appointment which for me is important and this has always shown up through a positive candidate experience. I'd happily recommend Tribe to any organization in NZ looking to find real talent in a challenging talent market." 

Andy Hrstic - Managing Director, JUUL Labs NZ Ltd

Tim Carter - CEO, Dairyworks  image

"When looking for a recruiter partnership there are three key success factors I look for – 1) do they understand our organisation, where we are heading and what capability we need to get there, 2) Do they understand our culture and our people for the right fit and 3) do they have a deep understanding of the FMCG industry and the talent within the market…

Jenny, Cam and the team at Tribe are exceptional across all three aspects and as a result consistently provide quality candidates (not just any candidate) that add value to our organisation. They have a deep understanding of the FMCG market, they are insightful, challenging and when if it gets hard they keep going to ensure we get the right result not just any result. This allows them to be an independent trusted people advisor and I really value their input. And lastly and most importantly they are just great people, they are genuine, trusting and have great intent."

Tim Carter - CEO, Dairyworks

Rhys Heron - Managing Director, M9 image

"Tribe supported Mi9 in our search for a marketing contractor to accelerate our marketing planning and execution as a key priority in FY20. Tribe presented some excellent candidates and I’m pleased to say one of them has been working with us for nine months, becoming a member of our team and delivering results that exceed our expectations. Our marketing contractor’s performance has led us to increase the hours she’s working in the business twofold to date." 

Rhys Heron - Managing Director, M9

Lizzie Brett - Marketing Manager, House of Travel  image

"Working with Tribe was a pleasure from start to finish. The process was seamless, with excellent communication and understanding of our needs, we received very high caliber candidates."

Lizzie Brett - Marketing Manager, House of Travel

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